Please read all the information in this email. 

As of now, DUSO Champs is ON for Sat, 7/29. The DUSO Board and reps will briefly convene tomorrow to re-evaluate the weather. Please check your email Friday evening and Saturday morning for updates. We realize that everyone is busy, and reading emails can be time-consuming, but the board is working extremely hard to put the championship meet together and we appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.

We are trying to go ahead with the meet. If there is thunder, we will pause to shelter in place, and resume the meet once the lifeguards give permission. We will swim in the rain unless it is raining so hard that we cannot see the bottom of the pool.

If your child is attending DUSO and your family has not signed up to volunteer, please reach out so we can assign you a job. We still need 2 parking attendants. This job is our team's responsibility.  

Potluck brunch signup is available on SwimTopia for families who are interested. Concession was slow and unreliable last year, so please come prepared.

Here are the updates from tonight's meeting at the County Pool:

  • Rosendale Warm-ups begin at 7am. Please have your swimmers on deck to warm up prior to 7am.
  • Parade at 8:30 AM (Scooby-Doo theme) and Meet begins at 9:00 AM.
  • Programs will be sold for $10 at the event, and this will contain your child's events, heat and lane assignments. 
  • Cash only at the meet (programs, tees, snack bar, 50/50)
  • The warm-up/ cool-down lanes are to be used for 13 and older swimmers ONLY. NO swimmers under 13  are allowed in the warm-up lanes during the meet.
  • The playground will be CLOSED during the meet.
  • Tent location TBA. We are currently located near the back corner of the pool, inside the gate. The finalized map will be released tomorrow once the tents are set up.
  • Parking is limited - carpool if possible. 
  • All teams clean up their own tent area.
  • There are Port-a-potty’s available for swimmers and spectators. The bath-house is to be used by officials and volunteers wearing a name-tag ONLY. 
  • DUSO is a LONG day. Please come prepared with games and activities the swimmers can enjoy together! Some of my kids favorite DUSO memories are from the fun and bonding that takes place under the team tent.

Keri McArdle

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