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Swim Meet 101

Before the Meet
● Ensure that your swimmer is signed up for 3 meet events. Relay teams will be chosen by the coach and events may be adjusted according to ability/ team need.
● Signups will be available on SwimTopia. 
● Swimmers must sign up for their events by the deadline
● Meets are held on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings in July 
● Let us know if your child is unable to attend a meet. 

Come Prepared With

● team suit on, team cap, 2 pairs of goggles, water, 2 towels, flip flops, (hair ties)
● team shirts (if they have one)
● for cooler days - sweatshirt and sweatpants (with team logo if possible)
● change of clothes
● light healthy snacks 
     o Fruits, veggies, energy bars are great 
     o Save the sugar and heavy carbs for after the meet 
● sun protection - sunblock, sun hat, shade tent/canopy
● jackets or raincoats, if needed (it can be cold at night and in the morning)
● picnic blanket and/or lawn chairs
● activities for downtime - toys, games, arts & crafts, books...

At the Meet
● It is mandatory to arrive on time for warm-ups. Swimmers should arrive suited up and ready to swim. 
     ○ Saturday meet warmups – 7:00 AM (unless specified otherwise). Meets begins around 8:00 AM.
     ○ Wednesday meet warmups – 4:00 PM (unless specified otherwise). Meets begins around 5:00 PM.

● After you settle in:
     ○ Meet volunteers, please check in with volunteer coordinator as soon as you              arrive.
     ○ Swimmers, as soon as you arrive, check in with your coaches for attendance.
     ○ Swimmers will be informed by a coach if they will be swimming a relay
● Ensure your child gets to their events on time (with their cap and goggles).
      *Parent volunteers are needed for meets since to run
● Encourage your child to cheer on their teammates, especially during the relays.
● Team-building cheers take place at the beginning and end of each meet, so please stay to the end of the meet.
● Meets typically last 3 hours 

Meet Health and Safety Notes:
● Swim caps need only be worn prior to and during events. They can be taken off at other times so swimmers don’t get overheated.
● Swimmers should stay in the shade between races to conserve energy.
● Playgrounds at the pools are off limits during a meet by swimmers.
● If using an aerosol sunscreen or bug spray please do so away from public areas. This will help to protect asthmatics, newborns and people with allergies.
● If you need to speak with a coach or have a question, please find a board member or ask another parent. Coaches and the Volunteer Coordinator are very busy with their meet tasks (e.g. coaching swimmers or making sure all volunteer positions are filled)

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