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What should swimmers bring to practice?
• Bathing suit (come dressed to swim)
• Swim cap & hair ties (for swimmers with long hair)
• Two pairs of goggles
• Water bottle
• Two towels
• Sweatshirt and sweatpants
• Flip-flops

What should swimmers bring to meets? 
• All of the above PLUS 
• Wear team suit, team cap and team t-shirt (if they have one) 
• Change of clothes 
• Healthy light snacks (Fruits, veggies, energy bars are great)
• Plenty of water

Additional items
o Sun protection- sunblock, sun hat, shade tent/canopy
o If using an aerosol sunscreen or bug spray, please do so away from public areas. This will help to protect asthmatics, newborns and people with allergies.
o Jackets or raincoats if needed (it can be cold at night and in the morning)
o Picnic blanket and/or lawn chairs
o Activities for downtime: toys, games, arts & crafts, books, etc.

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