DUSO parade fun and brunch!

Hey families! I hope everyone is as excited as I am about tomorrow’s festivities! The parade is going to be spectacular and I cannot wait to see everyone in costume! Any kind of Scooby Doo villain, monster, or character costume is great, or if you just wanna put your kids in tonal colors like Velma’s purple or Daphne’s orange, you get the idea! Even a 60s or early 70s vibe is OK too! Make sure your cameras and phones are charged because there are so many great photo ops throughout the day. Next on the agenda is DUSO Brunch Under The Tent! Nobody parties like the Rapids, & food is a big part of parties! The sign-up list contains options for both breakfast items and lunch items, we currently have a few families bringing side dishes and salads, some baked goods, etc. What we don’t have is a Main –, the sub donation fell through, so a board member is buying hard rolls, and we’re asking families to consider bringing a pound of deli meat or cheese, whatever your family prefers, to share. We will have sandwich making supplies at the buffet table. Also, and very important, is please bring ice. If you have empty milk jugs or other containers that you can fill with water and freeze tonight, that would be great! Blocks last longer than cubes! We will have a couple of coolers available to put ice in and ice down the drinks, and a cool spot for cold salads, but we do need donations of water, Gatorade, juice, whatever you guys like to drink and share. If you do not want to participate in the buffet & prefer instead to feed your own family, that’s fine-you’re free to do so.  We’re not gonna stop your kids from partaking in the buffet, but we do love the sense of camaraderie that sharing a meal gives and hope you join! If you have any questions, please text me, Christine Hoppe, tonight at 845-389-4620. Am I missing anything? Don’t forget your chairs and maybe a blanket to put down on the grass, sunscreen, sunglasses and extra towel. During downtime the kids like to play games, so if you have Uno or connect four or something else really fun, that people can join in, feel free. I can’t wait to make more memories with all of you, see you bright and early.❤️🖤🏊🏻♀️🏊🏻♂️🌊🌊🌊☀️

Christine Hoppe

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