Upcoming food truck fest fundraiser reminder

Hello Rapids, families! 

We are hoping to encourage swim families to join the Rapids Swim Team at the fundraising tent at the Bloomington fire department’s last food truck fiesta this upcoming Tuesday, 9/19/23 between 5-8 for food/beverages, live music, raffles, and community building.  Swimmers ( in Rapids merch or colors) walk around periodically with informative flyers and collection buckets to talk up the team, which we all know is very special.

We are both recruiting new swim families and seeking sponsors/donations. Thank you to the Feltons, Dyshuks, and Valerie and Carolina whose help at the August fiesta fundraiser that brought in almost $500 to help the team manage expenses next season. 

It’s a perfect chance grab a yummy dinner, reunite, and tap into the generosity of the community. Hope to see you there! 


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